Course Contents:
Study Manual
The complete ISO 20000 study guide.
Powerpoint training presentations
Distilled revision and cribbing sheets
Mock Exam
Exam extracts and sample questions.
Expert guidance and examination tips



NOTE: This is an official course, accredited by EXIN.

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ISO 20000 Certification
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The ISO 20000 Self Study Course

As with most major certifications, training for the ISO 20000 Foundation Certificate is available through a variety of channels. The traditional classroom approach is one option, although this tends to be expensive, and often takes unnecessary time and resourcing.

Increasingly, therefore, the market is opting for the value and consistency of the self-study course.

The Foundation Course You Can Download to Your PC

This ISO 20000 Foundation Course was created specificaly to make training as simple, straight forward, and convenient as possible. It includes a range of materials developed to explain all the necessary concepts and details in PLAIN ENGLISH. It is intended to equip the student to pass the exam without fuss or difficulty.

The download package contains the following items:
  • The ISO 20000 Course study guide/manual

  • A Training Presentation: The course presented through Powerpoint slides

  • Revision sheets: The key points distilled for revision

  • Exam Preparation: Actual sample exam questions and more

  • Advice and Guidance: Tips from experienced professionals
To illustrate the quality of these items, we have created snapshots from each item set for you to view. See the list on the navigation panel (on the left hand side).

The Self-Study Advantage

There is no scheduling for trips away from the office, no inconvenience or expense of travel, and no inconsistency of quality. The downloadable course enables study when convenient to YOU. As the items reside on your own PC, study can be whenever you wish.

Note that this is an officially accredited course, by the examination institute, EXIN.

Purchasing the Course

The course can be purchased via our secure server, and downloaded to your PC instantly.

To access the course now, just visit our ONLINE PURCHASE PAGE